What Is Addiction?

Similar to the addict in pop culture combines victimhood and ethical failure; we sympathize with addicts in movies and novels due [...]

A Students Guide to Natural Science (Guides To Major Disciplines)

By Stephen M. Barr Physicist Stephen M. Barr’s lucid Student’s advisor to ordinary Science goals to provide scholars an [...]

MRI in White Matter Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord

By Filippi, De Stefano, Dousset, McGowan MRI in White topic ailments of the mind and Spinal Cord. Springer Show [...]

Machine Dreams: Economics Becomes a Cyborg Science

By Philip Mirowski This is often the 1st cross-over publication within the heritage of technology written by way of an [...]

Soul of the World: Unlocking the Secrets of Time

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The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies

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Human Evolution: Genes, Genealogies and Phylogenies

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Corrosion: Understanding the Basics (06691G)

Offers functional discussions on thermodynamic and electrochemical ideas of corrosion, reputation and prevention of assorted [...]

Science Matters: Achieving Scientific Literacy

By Robert M. Hazen Wisdom of the fundamental rules and rules of technological know-how is key to cultural literacy. yet such [...]

Printed Circuit Boards: Design, Fabrication, and Assembly (McGraw-Hill Electronic Engineering)

The published circuit is the elemental construction block of the electronics undefined. it is a accomplished unmarried quantity [...]