American Civil War

Civil War Battlegrounds: The Illustrated History of the War's Pivotal Battles and Campaigns

By Richard Sauers Relive the old battles of the Civil battle during this finished evaluate of all of the key conflict [...]

Firebrand of Liberty: The Story of Two Black Regiments That Changed the Course of the Civil War

By Stephen V. Ash A approximately forgotten Civil conflict episode is restored to heritage during this masterful account.In [...]

War on the Frontier : The Trans - Mississippi West

By Time-Life Books Time-Life Civil conflict sequence 23 of 27 In this quantity of the Civil battle sequence we glance on the [...]

The Assassination: Death of a President

By Time-Life Books Time-Life Civil struggle sequence 26 of 27 Tells the tales of Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, and [...]

A Difference Of Purpose: A Novel Of The American Civil War

By Terry Soileau A distinction OF objective is a civil struggle novel that tells the tale of 12 12 months previous Jonathan [...]

The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 3: Red River to Appomattox (Vintage Civil War Library)

By Shelby Foote "An exceptional success, an American Iliad, a different paintings uniting the scholarship of the historian [...]

Chickamauga 1863: The River of Death (Campaign, Volume 17)

By James Arnold By means of the fall of 1863 the Confederacy was once in dire straits. In a significant gamble, accomplice [...]

1858: Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant and the War They Failed to See

By Bruce Chadwick "Highly recommended–a gripping narrative of the severe 12 months of 1858 and the nation's slide towards [...]

Manet and the American Civil War: The Battle of U.S.S Kearsarge and C.S.S. Alabama

By Juliet Wilson-Bareau A examine of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's acquisition, "The "Kearsarge" at Boulogne", by means of [...]

President Lincoln Assassinated!!: the Firsthand Story of the Murder, Manhunt, Trial, and Mourning

By Harold Holzer For the a hundred and fiftieth anniversary, Harold Holzer (The Civil warfare in one hundred fifty items) [...]