Black Sun: A Novel

By Edward Abbey

Now in a Harper Perennial glossy Classics version, the undying novel that chronicles a reckless romance within the desolate tract, from Edward Abbey, one among America’s premier defenders of the usual environment.

Black Sun is a bittersweet love tale concerning an iconoclastic wooded area ranger and a freckle-faced “American princess” part his age. Like woman Chatterley’s lover, he initiates her into the rites of intercourse and the stark, mystery harmonies of his wasteland state. She, in flip, awakens in him the excitement of affection. Then she mysteriously disappears, plunging him into desolation.

Black Sun is a novel novel in Abbey’s repertoire, a romantic tale of a solitary man’s ardour for the outside and for a lady who's his barren region muse.

“Like so much sincere novels, Black Sun is partially autobiographical, ordinarily invention, and completely precise. The voice that speaks during this publication is the passionate voice of the forest,” Abbey writes, “the insanity of hope, and the enjoyment of affection, and the affliction of ultimate loss.”

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